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One must Glow inside through mind, body & spirit for one to Glow on the outside

Inspired by the time-honoured traditions used around the world to rejuvenate and revitalize themselves, At Glow health & beauty you will have an experience unlike any other. Every guest at Glow is regarded as royalty. So expect no less than the most sublime treatments. Surrender yourself to the tranquillity and awe-inspiring beauty of your surroundings.

Be pampered and spoiled by qualified and skilled therapist instructed in the arts and rituals of ancient healing, beauty therapy and rejuvenating treatments, a perfect place to indulge your body, mind and soul. Treatments are available are fit for Kings and Queens.


Glow health & beauty is where you can de-stress and revitalize in soulful splendour. Indulge yourself!


Glow health & beauty offers a new kind of experience - pampering, relaxation, and 'serious' treatments.

Treat your body like royalty at the Glow health & beauty , inspired by the time-honoured traditions and rituals. At Glow health & beauty, every experience is a tribute to being human and being alive.

Contact Lisa for Appointments  on 087 720 4044 or email using the contact form below

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