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Dan Tim O’Sullivan, Freeman of London Walks His Sheep Across Southwark Bridge to Great Cheer

Dan Tim O'Sullivan walked cross Southwark Bridge at 2:30pm this afternoon with his flock of sheep, and in doing so, exercised his ancient right as a freeman of the City of London -

and becoming the first sheep farmer to do the honours.

Dan Tim O'Sullivan from Kells, was awarded the Freedom of the City of London in October 2019, in recognition for his success as a businessman and his charitable works.

He employs over one thousand people through his labour hire firm 'Danny Sullivan and Sons', and has employed countless Kerry people, many of them from his native South Kerry, since its foundation in the mid-1980s.

There was large crowds there to show their support and appreciation for a man who has so generously supported every South Kerry organisation and event possible over the years.

The Freedom of the City of London allows the bearer to herd one hundred sheep over the landmark Tower Bridge. However, logistical issues and traffic management plans mean the number of sheep has been reduced to less than 10 and took place over nearby Southwark Bridge instead.



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